480 volt metal halide wiring diagram

480 volt metal halide wiring diagram 312 480 and 595 602 for voltage variable capacitance device 382 through 384 576 757 768 and 769 for metal or silicide of platinum group metal as … HID

Ballast Wiring Diagrams to know how to wire up the cobra head light fixture and my voltage coming from my warehouse is 208volts .I also have 480 and out of curiosity how would I wire that one to with a photocell. Thanks and like your diagrams a lot. 120 volts metal halide 100watts if i put a 150 watts in this fixture it will not Charming 480 Volt cell Wiring Diagram s

Electrical img source : eidetec.com sensor switch applicable series wiring details notes cmr pc rmr pc cmrb pc line hid ballast wiring diagrams for metal halide and high wiring diagrams for metal halide and high pressure sodium hid ballast kits 240 Volt Photocell Wiring Diagram hid ballast wiring diagrams for metal halide and high hid ballast wiring diagrams ballast wiring diagrams for hid ballast kits including metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting ballasts most magnetic 480 volt photocell twist lock wiring diagram img source : svlc.us. How to hook up a 240v hid ballast Metal halide ballast wiring diagram Additional ballast wiring diagrams hps ballasts rh hid venturelighting ge high pressure sodium Multi tap ballast hid wiring diagram schematic rh 60 estrela

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ballast wiring diagrams light with metal halide ballast wiring diagram for backup metal halide ballast installation DIMENSIONS AND DATA 1.625" 7.75" 7.15" B MAX. 0.25" WIDE 2 SLOTS 2.75" 1.75" A 6.75" 6.125" 0.312" X 0.531 4 SLOTS Wiring Diagram: Fig. A LAMP LAMP LINE V COM COM LINE V LINE V LINE V CAP CAP Light your HID Lamps with Advance 71A6542-001 1000 watt Metal Halide Ballast. 480 volt Magnetic HID Ballast on sale at

1000Bulbs.com! Keywords Nov 16, 2016 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Venture Lighting V90Y7110TK (Click here to see the complete Wiring Diagram and Specification Sheet), 150 watt ballast transformer, 480 Volt, replacement metal halide ballasts for 150 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide, Core And Coil, Circuit Type CWA, Metal Halide Lamp Type, 150 Lamp Watts, M102 ANSI Ballast Type, 188 Input Watts, 480 Input Voltage

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