Photoelectric switch 120 volt wiring diagram

Here is my wiring diagram ( third photo) and instructions: CAUTION: BLACK WIRE IS 120 VOLTS, SO TURN OFF SWITCH OR CIRCUIT BREAKER. Connect sensor's black wire to black wire coming from house.

Connect red sensor wire to light's black wire . a. Refer to the wiring diagrams below and choose the appropriate diagram. b. Connect the Black wire (Hot Line) to the Black wire of the photocontrol. c. Connect the Black wire of the light fixture to the Red wire of the photocontrol. d. For 120 volt units: Connect the White wire from the light fixture and the White wire from the photocontrol to 3.8/5 1/5(2) LED Compatible - Thermal Type Photocell - 1/2 in. Conduit Mounting with

Swivel - 120 Volt. View More Details. welded for maximum strength and come with a 1/2-inch thread for conduit mounting and three color coded 6-inch wire leads. The unit is low profile, with a 1.625 inch width, while the thermal SPST switch and the 180 degree swivel make Sigma's photoelectric switch are used in conjunction with Sigma's weatherproof lampholders and lights to turn the light on and off automatically. Provides dusk to dawn light control for weatherproof light fixtures external wiring I used was the many stranded copper wire. The wiring diagram is less than helpful, but easy enough to work out. External Hardware Requirements. CABINET ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS AND WIRING. 23. 14.2. L1 120/240 Wiring Diagram. contactor(s), photoelectric control with test switch(es), power distribution blocks when specified,. Look Before Wiring!Power Supply ConnectionSensors With Switching OutputInductive, Capacitive, Or Magnetic SensorsUltrasonic Or Photoelectric

SensorsSensors With Analog OutputOther Connection PointsLet’s talk about connection diagrams. Although sensor hookup is typically simple – just a few wires – it’s always a good idea to consult the connection diagram before wiring to be sure you’ll end up with the outcome you expect. Most diagrams follow a pattern where the industrial sensor connections are shown on the left, and the load and power supply to be connected are indicated to the right. If no load is shown (it usually appears as a small unlabeled box), one should be assumed. This is theSee more on Back to the Basics – How do I wire my 3-wire sensors? Three-wire sensors are used in various applications

from detecting parts to locating position of the actual machine. They can come in all different technologies such as inductive , photoelectric and capacitive , just to list a few. May 12, 2010 · This short video shows the simple wiring of the Acetek dusk to dawn photocell switch. Operated from a 12 Volt power supply that could as easier …

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